My Gratitude Blog


Friday’s goodiees March 28, 2011

For Friday, I am most grateful for:

– my hot water bottle warming my feet up unconditionally 🙂
– diving in the wonderful world of stone jewelery… love it, love it, love it

– spending some time with and finding out more on my beloved colors and interesting interior decoration websites
– the good smell of fresh green forest surrounding us on our walk in the afternoon
– Mikael’s high spirit, hummed songs and satisfaction radiating throughout the day


Yesterday’s top five March 25, 2011

Regarding yesterday, I am most grateful for:

– the cozy weather we had throughout the day – still, warm enough, the sun behind a thin, invisible layer of clouds
– getting overwhelmed with positive emotions when seeing again Romania

– taking time to read more on raw food, healthy lifestyle
– the good old songs and fragments of old movies I accompanied my evening with
– getting to more clarity on Mobineer’s next steps


Wednesday’s gratitude March 24, 2011

For yesterday, I am most grateful for:

– making our first descended-from-Heaven Love fruit salad with spices in the morning
– wandering online among dresses and jewelery – the 3rd or 4th day in a row – until really having enough of this for some good while 🙂
– getting to clarity on my gift quest
– the good conversation on business progress and plans in the evening
– the new raw recipe we’ve had for lunch: vegetable “rice” with vegetables – can’t wait to do it again!


Tuesday’s gifts March 23, 2011

For yesterday, I have the highest gratitude for:

– things going on smoothly throughout the day, quite as I picture they would
– diving into Internet resources for beautiful women clothing for some hours, in looking for my gift – mmm… pure pleasure
– our fruitful walk to town’s outskirts: we got to picking four different wild edibles and vegetables from what used to be gardens, now public place

– the beautiful, calm evening we’ve spent together, with wine, interesting conversation and Sinatra
– my man’s delight for the surprise gift I prepared for him, on the occasion of a spontaneous “my man’s day”


Yesterday’s best March 22, 2011

For yesterday, I am most grateful for:

– the inspiring, motivating way I started my day by figuring out a new goal and plan for the week, meant to make me a better person 🙂
– the amazing symphony of tastes our raw, uncomplicated lunch presented us with
– the very nice surprise of mom calling
– quickly figuring a solution for getting the help I need with my gift without disturbing people
– our first Love soup (raw, healthy, tasty of course, just like all raw food)


Yesterday’s bliss March 21, 2011

Sunday is generally about exploring the environment, but since yesterday our exploration plans didn’t work, we switched to dedicating the day to resting. What a blessing! …with so many blessings!
Here’s top five things that made me feel the highest gratitude:

– the absolutely perfect summer day – calm, warm, sunny, friendly 🙂
– the highways for fish that the ocean displayed on its surface

– sunbathing and body caring, without any rush, worry, other schedule
– the delicious ice cream we shared on the sunny terrace nearby
– wandering for some hours on the Internet in search of a gift I need to pick for my birthday – such chore is welcomed anytime (really!)


Saturday’s best

My top gratitude for Saturday’s 5 best things:

– a beautiful, clear sky sunny day
– sneak peaking online for a while on my favorite feminine must-haves: dresses
– having a pleasant, interesting meeting and conversation with Jerome in the afternoon
– the straight-from-Heaven Teriyaki marinated vegetables we had for dinner
– the good movie about duality, racism, inevitable connections, we’ve seen in the evening