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About this blog March 29, 2010

This is a place of gratitude. It is meant primarily to inspire you to get or stay present to the smaller or bigger day-to-day things you have all the reasons to be grateful for.

My commitment is to come here daily (to the extend the Internet connection is available, of course) and write down the first five things I am most grateful for, that I experienced the day before. The top things that filled me with satisfaction, joy, inspiration, energy. I already know it will be hard to pick… because life is such an amazing adventure!

In addition to this, I plan – and encourage you too – to share here any other relevant things, quotes, examples, stories etc. on gratitude. This way your experience and contribution will benefit others, and this is no less than a gift from God!

Gratitude raises you

If you want to know how this project was born, here you have the story below.

The roots of this blog grew about two years ago, when I read how important is for what we attract in our life, to have a constant feeling of gratitude, regardless how close or how far we are from what we (say we) want. Gratitude?! My life at the time was far from being at least satisfactory, so, focusing (like so many people) rather on what is missing from what I want, than on what is already there, I thought: what can I be grateful for?

I spent some time thinking about it, and I came up not with one, but two answers. First, I had A LOT of things with permanent manifestation in my life, to be grateful for! I wrote down in my diary at the time no less than 19 such things, among which my health, my skills and talents, my friends, a warm place to sleep every night, food to eat every day, the freedom to express myself – you know, the kind of things we generally take for granted.

Second, I realized that actually I do experience, on a regular and even daily basis, things that make me feel good, for a shorter or longer while. And I got the simple idea that becoming and staying aware of this things would be a good exercise for reaching that goal of being in a constant state of gratitude.

Therefore, at the end of the day, once in bed and right before falling asleep, my last thought was: looking back, what were today’s three things that brought me most satisfaction? It used to be small things, like a warm day in the middle of winter that energized me, or a walk I made time to take on my favourite park, or the feel-good phone call I had with my best friend… I got a habit of this and shortly, I started identifying these things right when or after they were happening, by the sense of satisfaction, the energy or the joy they were bringing to me, and the thought used to pop up… “This is something I am grateful for”. And here’s how I got closer and closer to my goal…

In some months from this, I realize what a breakthrough I made in how aware I was of my wealth, and how more connected I was for the source of this wealth… And I discovered that life is an AMAZING journey, regardless of what is or is not (yet) there. I want to stay present to this, to grow in this, and hopefully to contribute to your development in this.

I just realize… I am so grateful you are reading this!!!

Welcome to my blog! Get inspiration, share inspiration, let’s create and spread shining gratitude!


4 Responses to “About this blog”

  1. Dana Says:

    Hi Gabi!

    It seems I am the first one to reply you. I like the idea of this blog very much, I suppose most of the people (I have to admit that I am one of them) usually tend to disregard what they have and always want more and more.
    I am sure you will have a lot of readers, I will be one of them πŸ™‚


    • theSereneMe Says:

      Thank you, Dana!

      You’re right, most of the times we are not present to what’s around us – especially to small simple details – partially because it is SO EASY, apparently, to be caught by “what’s next”, what can be there, what more we can have/ experience.

      This is what I experience also as soon as I drop this habit of looking back and remembering what made me feel good over the day… And this makes a huge difference in how satisfied I generally am with my life.

      Actually, I think I can say that for me, keeping myself present to the good things I experience is no less than a prerequisite for being happy! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

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