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Every day is fully worth to be grateful for April 1, 2011

Today the day came to put an end to this blog. One year ago, I started it rather as an exercise and experiment – can you really inspire people through your example? Out of the replies I got throughout the year, I would say yes, you can. Though only you, my blog’s readers – the ones who were next to me in this exercise of gratitude (heartily thank you all!) and the ones who might land here from now on – only you can really tell. I sure hope (and believe) the answer is positive! 🙂

I planned this exercise from the beginning to last one year. (I can’t believe one year has passed already!) I learned some valuable things through it: about myself, about people, about blogging and about gratitude. And for sure I enhanced my discipline and perseverance, which is not a little thing, related to my values.

I am more decided than ever to continue my daily practice of gratitude – it is healing, it is working, it is love :). I am more inspired than ever to strongly recommend you to practice it also: every night when you go to bed and put your head on the pillow, just think: what can I be grateful for of what happened today? And let those good, honey-like feelings caress your heart. If you do continue to do this even for a short while, you’ll be amazed to realize more and more how many apparently insignificant things that happened made you feel good – appreciated, loved (by the ones around or by yourself), valuable and so on.

I wish your choice of gratitude to quickly overwhelm your life with only rich, meaningful experiences! And reality proves this is what always happens. Best of luck! 😉


Yesterday’s bliss

The five things of yesterday I am most grateful for:

– the perfect, spotless skied summer day filling us with light

– taking the time to sunbathe in the morning
– managing to somehow raise my energy to levels suitable for working – and making good progress with Mobineer’s communication
– the big bowl of loquat fruits we picked from a tree on no-one’s-land nearby = feast of free, organic fresh food
– going to bed on time, another victory on my path to sharp, uninterrupted discipline