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The best of the best of first days in Madeira February 1, 2011

Very few times were more busy, focused and consuming than the last week: the first days kept me exclusively in preparing, fixing and setting the things for the big journey, then two full days of travelling, then the days for resting, adjusting to the new timezone, energy and peace, coming back to all our senses – all to really bring us to the place we’ll spend the next months in.

So for my first couple of days in Madeira, I am most grateful for:

– the super-breakfasts we make here of exotic fruit, seeds, cereals and spices
– the strong, contrasting colors and landscape everywhere around

– our host’s beautiful, playful and behaved dogs running free around the yard in front of our door (I just love these creatures)
– the long, interesting conversations we had with our host Hartmut – a really open, generous, smart guy
– yesterday’s probably the most pure-colored rainbow I’ve ever seen


6 Responses to “The best of the best of first days in Madeira”

  1. Lena Says:

    Jag kan bara säga FANTASTISKT!
    Ni har lyckats hitta något riktigt bra!

    • Gabriela Says:

      It IS fantastic! A beautiful place, and I’d say probably the best climate in Europe for this time of the year – and this is exactly what we targeted. And I have no doubt it’s going to be even better 😉

  2. Kellie Says:

    Is that a double rainbow?! It’s a beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Gabriela Says:

      Yes it’s a double ;). It was so close to us – the picture is taken from outside our door, I couldn’t even squeeze it with both ends to one pic – and the colors were so strong. Our host told us that’s because the air is pretty much pollution-free… Great! 🙂

  3. Dana Says:

    It looks beautiful, you are very lucky to stay there one month. Is the water warm enough to take a bath?

    • Gabriela Says:

      Indeed Dana, we feel too we’re lucky and that it was a really good choice. We’re actually going to stay here for several months, if everything goes according to the plan – and it will 😉
      Soon we’ll take a longer walk down to the ocean and see what about it. I understand it’s “bath-able” even now, the temperature being around 17-18 degrees… Too cold for me, I guess. I’ll let you know 😉

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