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Yesterday’s high peaks January 7, 2011

Thinking of the day dedicated-to-work yesterday, I am most grateful for:

– the amazing party-like breakfast mom made for us

– working – long, with intensity, deep focus and clear results
– increasing my (previously really low) productivity about 9-10 times by applying just one of Brian Tracy’s law of time management (it truly works!!! :D)
– the tremendous satisfaction I felt throughout the say from doing what I should to (discipline and perseverance are my middle names)
– sticking to my schedule and going to bed at the right time


2 Responses to “Yesterday’s high peaks”

  1. Kellie Says:

    ooo- I’d love to hear more about this time management guru! I could use some helpful hints – because I absolutely could not write your list of 5 things today – but I would like to work, be productive, be disciplined and go to sleep on time.

    • Gabriela Says:

      Oh Kellie, Brian Tracy is the absolute authority in this – and much more! Go to his website ( and browse through his programs, they are terrific! (and he always provides at least what he promises, he’s a model also in this)
      The program we listened to is “21 great ways to manage your time and double your productivity” which I can rate as.. pure gold 😀 You just need to really want it. 😉
      To your success!

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