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Thursday’s good things October 1, 2010

Regarding yesterday, I am most grateful for:

– affording top dedicate my day to handcrafting – felt like flying
– finishing the project Mihaela, Flower of life

– working in the cozy kitchen with all the family, in the evening
– seeing mom energized, motivated, talkative, happy
– going to bed in clean, fresh, perfumed linen and candlelight


4 Responses to “Thursday’s good things”

  1. Lena Says:

    Are you a quilter of Japanese patchwork?
    VERY beautiful!

    • Gabriela Says:

      Thank you, Lena!
      It is representative for what’s called sacred geometry.
      It’s made of many, many circles (full and parts), and required more resources (time, care and focus) than it looks like it would. Even more, the precision that is needed makes it very hard (if possible) to make it (by hand) with using more durable handcrafting materials, so I made it on cardboard (tried on fabric, didn’t work).

  2. Lena Says:

    What size is it?

  3. Gabriela Says:

    It’s 30x30cm (the cardboard background), respectively 20×20 the support for the actual painting.
    I have more pics on my FB account, it’s made to match a deep pink wall. It’ll be a gift for a best friend from Bucharest.

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