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The bliss of a hard day July 9, 2010

Thursday was a busy and I could say even hard day, which let me exhausted in the end. When the gratitude time of the day came, I was so much taken by the (mind) flow that I was afraid I can’t find five things happening over the day to be grateful for. Instead, when I really focused on the little things that made me feel good, I found about seven-eight and then I stopped counting, so below there’s rather a random pick than a top five. This always happens when I focus on my soul rather than mind, God is SO GENEROUS, ALWAYS!

About yesterday, among many other things, I am grateful for:

– having all the meals of the day served – what a blessing!
– being able to get control over myself and speak nicely to a collaborator I was angry on
– reminding of a less fortunate girl friend of mine and understanding again I had such an easy and good life 😀 (and I’m ecstatic with what much more is coming!)
– the special desert with genuine whipped cream with raspberry that mom prepared for us in the afternoon
– affording the luxury of deciding not to go to the city nearby where I have things to do, just because I didn’t feel like


2 Responses to “The bliss of a hard day”

  1. Lena Says:

    You are the best person in M:s life!

  2. Gabriela Says:

    🙂 All the people in someone’s life have (and make) their role…

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