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A perfect Sunday’s best gifts June 28, 2010

Yesterday God made of the day a real Sunday by (finally) turning off the rain and the “bitchy” temperature, after a full week of depressing weather. How could you be untouched by such a gift? Yet, many other good things came into my life experience.

… So… good, I’ll say it! As a matter of fact – and I really don’t care what people might think of this statement – at the end of the day, when I looked back to what made me feel good throughout the day I realized that pretty much EVERYTHING I brought into my life yesterday made me feel good! Just like that! 😀

So the best things of yesterday (rather randomly picked) that made me feel gratitude for getting them, are:

– a smooth cozy weather, when even the sun smiled at us from time to time
– organizing half of my pc’s content – a real victory
– the healthy and special food we altogether had for lunch, just like a model family 😀

– getting a glimpse on Lena’s current life through reading her blog – so good to see her choosing to do interesting things all the time
– the mind-challenging movie “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” we watched together last night


One Response to “A perfect Sunday’s best gifts”

  1. Lena Says:

    I feel happy reading that YOU are happy!

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