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Yesterday’s controversy and worthy things June 25, 2010

Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with one my blog’s readers who told me his understanding is that my writing in this blog implies that my life is perfect, and he doesn’t believe this to be true.

Although “perfect” is a very subjective term, if I relate my life experience to what most of the people generally understand by “a perfect life”, I do not think or claim in any way that my life is perfect.

It is though a really good life! And that’s because I choose to see it like this, because I focus on the good things – and this blog helps me with this – and because I consciously, deliberately bring (smaller or bigger) good things into my life experience – preferably daily.

But anyhow, this blog is not about my life, although you could see it like this. Instead, it is solely a place of getting focus on and expressing gratitude. This is its point.
I invite you focus on this – on the good, sunny side of your life – and be grateful for this! You may always use my writings for inspiration. 🙂

About yesterday, I am most grateful for:

– my body getting back to balance and feeling good
– the walk we took in the middle of the day in my favorite park in Moinesti

– finding the same old extraordinary qualities in my childhood friend Gabi I’ve had a good chat with on the afternoon
– feeling strong zest for work throughout the entire day – I love to feel like doing what I’m supposed to do!
– the big bowl of fresh cherries after a day of tea and toast only


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