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The best of a busy month offline June 13, 2010

Today is the first online day after almost a month of (mostly) vacation.
Actually, things are a little bit more complex, considering that first the internet dropped completely for our last week in Italy, than we traveled big time for the next two weeks, and the last week we struggled with getting Internet connection here. Busy time, but now I’m back, and here to stay! 😀

Meanwhile, I just went on with my daily gratitude practice, and of course, things went on with being good – just as they always are when you stay focused on the bright side!

Here’s top five things I am most grateful for, of pretty much every day of the last period of time:

Sunday the 16th of May:
– affording to sleep for as long as I wanted in the morning and the afternoon
– finally releasing the announcement about renting out the vacation apartment in Southern Italy
– doing everything I possibly could for fixing my laptop (and at least changing its fengshui energy this way)
– hearing explosive joy from the local sports team on the stadium
– getting a positive answer from Sebi and hearing about his vacation plans

Monday the 17th:
– going out on the beach and getting speechless by the greatness of the raging sea after the storm
– playing under a roof while waiting for the rain to cease – unplanned, cozy
– seeing huge cacti in yellow bloom
– help offered and received from the our Senegalese friends
– seeing olive tree flowers for the first time in my life

Tuesday the 18th:
– the do-nothing hours we spent on the beach
– the display of rich emerald colors the sea generously offered us

– the good grateful black dog I gave a piece of cake to (I could just feel the positive energy he projected – heavenly!)
– the divine smell of honeysuckle covering the fence near by
– the cozy candlelight dinner we had in the balcony late in the night

Wednesday the 19th:
– the good healthy Sunday-like breakfast we had
– seeing the black dog happy to see me again while i didn’t have more than a pet for him
– managing to create a first class resume for a worthy guy who never even had one before
– eating Senegalese food for the first time in my life (either very tasty by nature, or the cook made it with passion)
– all the beauty the otherwise discreet sunset offered to those who had eyes to see

Thursday the 20th:
– finally writing a completely complete (:)) clarifying email in my work with BibleMe
– getting an appreciation message from Lena just like this, out of the blue, for the sake of expressing positive emotions (this is what we all should focus on doing)
– discovering in Talla a pure, natural, well-intended and emotionally open soul who just wants a peaceful Earth – how beautiful!
– my new friend of the last days, the black dog, happily waving its tail when we met again while on our first encounter he was behaving completely like a dog that used to be traumatized
– finding the key we’d thought we lost, due to good careful neighbors

Saturday the 22nd:
– finally succeeding with going inside the ruins of Scalea’s castle – the highest point of the area, offering a spectacular view

– the generous Italian guy from “Il Messicano”, who gave us a ride in order to catch the last train
– having all reasons to leave the nicest thank you note to our Senegalese friends
– soaking my feet in te greenish Tyrrhenian sea probably for the last time this year
– the help and support I got from Mikael throughout the day with everything needed to be done before the big leave

Sunday the 23rd:
– the vacation in the good spirit of which we started the day
– checking everything off the todo list for the last day in Scalea and leaving the house in perfect order
– the profound beauty of the Tyrrhenian coast we went along by train for some hours
– both the greatness and the refined art we discovered in the ancient city of Paestum

– the so-good yet simple homemade Italian lunch we got when we were hungry and tired

Monday the 24th:
– the free ride we got in the morning
– the peace, color and harmony of the camping next to Solfatara, Naples

– the rest I got lying on a bench with the sun rays playing among the oak tree leaves above me
– seeing how the seagulls (probably just like the other birds) really got the meaning of life: do what’s in your genes to do and then just enjoy life, without worrying
– the free sample of the best Italian liquor I’ve ever tasted – meloncello

Tuesday the 25th:
– being at ease for a couple of hours while waiting in the train station, after two days of being on the run all the time
– the buonissima pizza margherita al forno we had for lunch, probably the last authentic Italian one for this year
– spending some hours around the historical places in Rome – better than expected

– managing to mobilize new energy resources as not to miss the flight, when I thought I don’t have anything left to mobilize
– the check-in procedure at the airport (always gives me thrills), which went along just like a sharp skate on smooth ice

Wednesday the 26th:
– the sign I got from my angel telling me not to worry – it was right
– the beautiful peaceful green landscape in the Swedish countryside (really beautiful in spring sunny weather)

– the unlimited amounts of different salads (divine food) available for me on the lunch buffet
– managing along in the big city pretty well + checking off everything on the todo list
– the delicious meeting with my beloved man, after time apart

Thursday the 27th:
– the warm short meeting we had with Jonatan – really, a special guy
– Mikael helping me with the things to do household-type
– the amazing old restaurant in the old town we briefly checked (we will eat there someday)
– the coziness of the boathouses on the harbour

– Lena’s generosity, this time bringing us a nice dinner out

Friday the 28th:
– the good phone call I had with mom
– finally having a restful calm day
– successfully finishing my handcrafting project “Wedding card”

– the fresh impeccable neighbor’s garden I could admire
– the good inspiring meeting M. had today with Barbro

Saturday the 29th:
– sleeping in the morning for as long as I needed
– having some time with my man to focus on each other after days of being on a run
– attending the nice simple wedding of David and Annica, with relaxed atmosphere and exquisite food

– getting to know Peter, a positive and multi-level developed guy who’s a real pleasure to talk to
– the clean, perfectly organized and meaningful apartment we’ve slept in overnight

Sunday the 30th:
– the perfect breakfast we had in the morning
– the peace and good spirit of the small town of Uppsala

– finally taking the feel-free bike ride in the countryside we planned since long ago
– the cozy small lake in the woods, with dark water and lotus leaves
– Lena’s surprise and joy when she got her mothers’ day bouquet we’ve carefully prepared for her

Monday the 31st:
– Ella’s generosity, offering to host us in Bucharest in a simple and natural way – what a gift to know such people!
– finding my beloved birthday earrings I was afraid I lost
– both airport check-in processes going on smoothly
– for once in a while being ready on time and not having to run for the bus
– the beautiful night airplane view over Bucharest

Tuesday the 1st of June:
– waking up feeling good and refreshed despite my stubborn cold
– my beloved niece Andreea sms-ing she can’t wait to see me
– the breakfast Ella generously cooked for us
– the unexpected discount we got at lunch time in my favorite restaurant
– putting together last year’s accomplishments and realizing that really, I have progressed

Wednesday the 2nd:
– finally not being on a run in the morning
– going shoppiiiing 😀
– getting on time at the bus taking us to my home place – another victory with my punctuality
– the peaceful picturesque landscape close to the place we made a halt

– the joy of meeting my relatives (and my sister’s dogs I love) again after half a year

Thursday the 3rd:
– the bus with undefined schedule getting to the station right on my arrival
– the feel-good meeting I had with my ex-workmates at Orange
– the gift Silvia kindly and generously made to me
– the souvenirs my sis brought to me from her trip
– the good walk we girls took at sunset with the dogs, in the green field

Friday the 4th:
– the peaceful archeological site of the medieval royal court in Bacau

– managing to buy everything I need for a special painting project I have
– having our own cinema (i.e. being alone in the cinema room) during romantic movie 😀
– the good deep “meaning of life”-like conversation I had with Andreea
– the extensive yet healthy dinner we all contributed to prepare for ourselves

Saturday the 5th:
– the homemade cake mom brought us – delicious, just like everything mom cooks
– finally heading to the place that’s going to be our residence for the rest of the year
– the good big bed in my good big room from home
– succeeding to print some drafts for my painting projects
– having fresh strawberries for dinner

Sunday the 6th:
– having a whole day dedicated exclusively to rest
– lying on grass in perfect sunny weather

– the healthy lunch we all took outdoors on a nice family setting
– watching on TV the Romanian theater play I want to see since five years ago
– the good phone conversation I had with the best cousin in the world, Andi

Monday the 7th:
– taking a walk in the morning in my favorite park in Moinesti
– eating solely fresh cherries for lunch – another point marked in my way to eating healthy!
– settling everything I could for getting an Internet connection here
– seeing new life in the rabbits’ nest in my parents’ garden

– the adrenaline and inspiration I got from the TV show “The amazing race”

Wednesday the 9th:
– the rich harvest of green walnuts for homemade jam 😀
– the walk we took on the beautiful field of wild flowers nearby
– my dog Ricky’s overwhelming joy for taking him with us on our walk
– the ice cream I unexpectedly got from one of the family’s friends
– falling asleep while watching the stars on the night sky – simply divine

Thursday the 10th:
– the wind chime’s delicate song under my window
– the huge bowl of strawberries we picked and had for breakfast

– my niece Andreea’s integrity (pretty unusual for a teenager)
– the help I got from Ocsi via phone. which proved to be vital for getting the Internet
– the quiet calm evening we spent indoors

Friday the 11th:
– finishing with cleaning and organizing my room
– finally getting the Interneeeeet!
– the RT technician coming as a professional and leaving as a friend
– the clouds in the afternoon decreasing the heat
– the spare time me and my man reserved only for ourselves

Saturday the 12th:
– the kind message we got from Lena
– watching together the pictures from Sweden (delicious activity :))
– finally installing our vision boards
– getting time to plan and organize my activity for the next week
– seeing the movie-to-remember Memoirs of a geisha together, late in the evening


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