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Sunday’s blessings May 10, 2010

Yesterday I felt both like staying indoors and work, and like going out of town as usual on Sundays – and both are blessings. We did the latter though and visited the town of Maratea, this way providing ourselves the biggest nicest Calabrian surprise until now.
There is so much good when you pay attention to the good around you, that it’s hard now to pick the best five of yesterday I feel the most gratitude for. Still, here’s the top:

– discovering Maratea as a fresh BEAUTIFUL town between the mountains, with friendly open people and abundant vegetation all over the place – as M. said: felt like trekking in Heaven
– the old town of Maratea – sober, authentic, well-preserved, the typical old Italian town that generally features in dream-like advertising photos of Italy
– Sentiero Capocasale – a pitoresque mountain path we took leading up to the Redemptore statue – where we admired probably the best view of the coast in north-west of Calabria

– the dolce farniente afternoon time we spent on the beach – just resting, just lazying
– the positive phone call I had with mom and dad in the evening


2 Responses to “Sunday’s blessings”

  1. Lena Says:

    I wish I was there!
    Wonderful view!

  2. Gabriela Says:

    Striking view, indeed, the picture really didn’t capture the feeling!
    As about your wish, you know you are always welcome here! 😉

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