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The giving details of a day labeled without victories May 6, 2010

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I perceived Wednesday as a full and giving day, even if I didn’t report many victories in my day-to-day battles (primarily with procrastination and working with something else than my top priorities). Although I look at such victories as almost a key condition for a satisfactory day, last night when I looked back to the day I realized it was at least a really good day, and picking just five things that happened to be grateful for is some challenge.

Yet, here they are:

– the (mosquito-free) night sleep I had with balcony doors largely open in warm weird weather
– finding a new cute T-shirt New Orleans themed that fits me

– having the Senegalese Cisse here as our guest for lunch – not many better things than building new friendship with integrity and human warmth
– the long deep nap I could afford to take in the afternoon
– the late night walk to the beach we took, when I saw the light house on the furthest coast corner, I met the smallest lizard cub I’ve ever seen and I eat nespoli for the first time in my life 😀


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