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Last week’s pick of reasons for gratitude May 3, 2010

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(Last) Sunday night we got left again without Internet connection for the whole week to come. Therefore, another opportunity to at least set/ re-set the things to do for the next days, in calm time, away from the madness and distractions of the (sometimes aggressive) Internet. And to work in peace, undisturbed, with nothing else in mind (or behind the corner).
I kept my gratitude diary offline all these days, so now I have just to upload it here.

Sunday was a way better day than expected, starting with how good the weather proved to be considering the forecast, continuing to how we spent our time and ending with how our general energy increased dramatically comparing with how low the day began. Really, not hard to find numerous reasons to feel grateful. The top five of the best things of Sunday is:

– managing to do all the house cleaning I had in mind for the day (& getting help from M. with this)
– having some delicious hours on the beach around noon

– sharing the three-color fresh ice-cream on a bench in the park
– the good idea M. got for moving forward the work with Mobineer
– the serious working I did in the evening

Monday – again, a nice good day, since I always start Mondays with the intention of making out of them really good days (which I succeed). This time it was also a full day, without pointless investment of time.
The best things of it I am most grateful for, are:

– meeting Cisse again for some minutes in the forenoon, and setting a more extensive meeting with this resourceful positive man
– making progress with renovating the balcony
– the sparrows having their dance-like flight and singing up on the air, filling the afternoon with joy and meaning of life
– defeating the lack of energy and finishing an important step of my work
– getting clarity with my schedule next days

Tuesday felt like a celebration because we went to the beach for some hour – and each time I get out in nature feels like a celebration. The best things of yesterday are:

– being present to the sand in my palms – living, warm and cool, soft and hard in the same time
– playing with the waves – and them playing with my rolled-over jeans I had on me

– picking acacia flowers to make herb tea of, in our way back from the beach
– opening another finger-licking lemon cream Colomba
– writing a good consistent business email in the evening

The most blessed things of Wednesday I am most grateful for, are:

– the deep thorough contact we had with the Senegalese community here – very giving
– solving two of my scheduled tasks for the day
– the warmth of the sand under me while heavy rain clouds were gathering in the sky
– the calm quiet warm afternoon dedicated to rest
– the spring scents embracing the velvety dark in our late evening walk

For the ordinary day Thursday was, I am most grateful for:

– reading about Heaven
– seeing M. so satisfied with the work progressing
– the tender shadows the setting sun drew on the walls all over the house

– watching a movie together in the evening
– going to sleep in fresh sheets and cool air coming from the open window

The best things happening on Friday were:

– finishing the preparations for the big work to do in balcony renovation
– reading in the sun
– my old computer who chose to turn on right when we were almost losing hope for this
– the intense idea I got for a colorful project in painting
– the three candles making our supper elegant and cozy

The 1st of May was seriously celebrated here with concert and fireworks, and overlapped with an extensive Catholic church in honor of the local protective saint. Only one of this would have been enough to make the day special, but like this, I had even more small and big things to be present to and grateful for:

– the nice (new) songs church’s bells played during the whole day
– having M. sleeping in my lap in the afternoon
– drinking red wine in the balcony, under the stars
– the good blues music we listened at the concert, and the relaxed joyful guys in the band playing it
– seeing a toddler dancing with his mom on the street, while both were completely caught in and present to the moment

Yesterday was again a better than expected, when we took an extensive excursion south. The best things I experienced I thank God for, are:

– seeing two towns in one day – Diamante, cita de murales – full of drawings on the city walls – and the surprising Belvedere Marittimo

– going by the cheapest local train – personal and cozy
– the so-good four-flavoured ice-cream we got from a cafetteria run by unusually loving people
– the woman approaching us with open heart in Belvedere
– the amazing well-preserved medieval city of Belvedere, a place of old palaces of noble families from the past


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