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Best of a half week offline April 17, 2010

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Tuesday I found out we are going to have no Internet connection until Saturday. Think it was a reason for dissatisfaction? No way. To me, it sounded like the best opportunity to really calm time (and an occasion to have a glimpse on how life would be without Internet – did you ever wonder?), dedicated primarily to reading. I wrote down at the end of each day its best moments, so here they are:

For Tuesday, I am most grateful for:

– a cozy and warm rainy day
– finding out we’re going to be offline for the next days (somehow a relief and a feeling of privacy in the same time)
– succeeding to read an entire book
– remembering and sharing memories of good funny things from childhood, during lunch
– getting help with household from Mikael

For Wednesday, I am most grateful for:

– having some time in the sun
– seeing Mikael so inspired and energized after his phone call
– drawing
– reading inspiring stuff on being present to THIS moment
– washing and cutting my man’s hair

Thursday we took a walk in the town and to the beach that was… simply delicious, I don’t need more good things to keep me happy. The best moments to be grateful for, were:

– how everything started like the worst grey rainy day, and unexpectedly turned into a bright warm sunny day
– the interesting info I got from the book on back pain
– the smell around the orchard of orange trees in bloom, we passed by – DIVINE

– feeling fine sand and cool sea water under my feet (mm…what a vacation feeling!)
– the cutest yellowish friendly and energetic chiwawa we got to know on the beach

For Friday I am most grateful for:

– getting to know our neighbour Anna as an open, kind and talkative woman
– managing to come up with the tastiest and simplest recipe of pasta al tonno – yamyyy 😀
– getting a homemade body detox and relaxation treatment that made me feel like newborn
– seeing the sea fish pinching the water surface at sunset. amazing
– making dinner together in harmony (true blessing).


2 Responses to “Best of a half week offline”

  1. Lena Johansson Says:

    A good week!

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