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Thursday’s gratitude triggers April 9, 2010

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Yesterday was really an ordinary day, with not so much focus or energy to be constantly present to what my Being felt. Even so, in the evening when I looked back to the day, I could instantly recognize the feel-so-good moments… I guess this daily practice has this effect also – to speed up seeing the reasons for gratitude.

Here’s the best of yesterday I am grateful for:

– having a good online chat with my sister – a rare event when I feel her closer to her Being and more separated of her identity (I love her Being – naturally, if you think about it)
– the true deep human emotion, shining in other people’s blogs I read – so touching
– the glass of delicious banana & apple nectar I had with my skin caressed of the tender setting sun… (I was really present to this, what a blessing)
– Dan’s knowledge and generosity, that made his coaching bring a huge contribution to our lives
– seeing Mikael so excited with preparing my birthday’s surprise for today – he was shining of love and devotion 🙂

Right now, I feel I cannot be happier with my life!! THANK YOU, God, for this AMAZING journey!!!


3 Responses to “Thursday’s gratitude triggers”

  1. Lena Says:

    Nice to read!

  2. Lena Says:

    Hope my son helped to give you a most wonderful birthday!

    • theSereneMe Says:

      Dear Lena,

      Mikael was wonderful yesterday, he really put attention and time in making my birthday an unforgettable one – and he succeded. I think I had the most beautiful birthday ever :D.

      Thank you for raising such a son!

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