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Best things on the Easter vacation April 5, 2010

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What an amazing vacation I had!!! The Universe’s generosity is overwhelming!

Simply… I couldn’t have wanted more, it was way beyond my best expectations! From a single-destination weekend, it turned out to be an extensive trip where we visited (taking long enough time as to get at least the feeling of the place) no less than four different towns on the Italian south-western coast!!

It is really hard to pick only five best things… But that’s the deal, so here’s the best of Friday:

– the suprising town of Sapri, with its peaceful spirit, very good little shops and beautiful old wooden doors on well taken-care-of buildings all over the place (see the pic)
– Cisse, a very well-educated, present in spirit, communicative and generous-hearted Senegalese guy we got to know in the train to Naples
– the SPECTACULAR Italian coast landscape, offering us what felt like nature’s best, concentrated in some kilometers of land
– the coherent and relevant Easter Friday’s Catholic religious service, and the street ceremony after, breathing human unity
– the cozy fire in the chimney, that made the evening feel like a warm thick blanket around us.

For Saturday, I am most grateful for:

– the most delicious in the world Italian classical Colomba we had as part of breakfast
– how the fearless beast in a little body, Ares the dog, fell in love with me as soon as I dared to come close and pet him… See the pic below
– the minutes when I was lying in fresh grass and happy flowers, in the middle of a sunny meadow (piece of heaven) when nothing but pure happiness existed in the world
– the breathtaking dramatic panorama of the Amalfi coast, seen from the top
– the cozy narrow stairs going downhill we surprisingly found, offering a much shorter way back and a different perspective on the town – it’s amazing how varied and unexpected the Universe’s gifts are.

The best things on Sunday I am grateful for:

– the FANTASTIC ancient town of Herculaneum we visited for more than five hours… A picture below.
– the rich spirit of Italian traditions for celebrating Easter in Naples area, with drums, fireworks (released in daylight), orchestra and colorful chariots
– the beautiful old buildings, some with luxurious inner gardens, in the town of Portici, symbols of rich good times…
– the nice wide view on a peaceful harbour that surprised us when we expected some boring waiting hours in a train station
– the warm comfortable train trip back home – even the train can be such a welcoming place when you’re cold and tired…


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