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Yesterday’s best things April 2, 2010

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About yesterday, I am most grateful for:

– I was able to move focus from the ego to what my Being wants instead, in a typical ego-enhancing situation – therefore managing well a potential fight

– I sent all the Easter-greeting emails I wanted, plus all other emails I postponed sending since looong ago = I have a mission accomplished feeling with this

– I was able to make a generous offer to a person I appreciate – what can make you feel better than being generous?!

– I finished ALL the cleaning I had in mind for the house (I am actually surprised I had the time and resources for this)

– I went back to the fabulous Pasticceria again, and they welcome me to take pictuuuures!! So see below.

Now, I’m getting ready for the nicest Easter getaway. I will be off-town and off-line for a couple of days, but afterwards I’m sure I will have plenty of big best moments of gratitude to choose from for this blog.

Happy Easter, world! And let generosity and gratitude fill your heart!


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