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Best things of Tuesday March 31, 2010

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Yesterday I was not at all on my highest energy, and even so, now when I look back, it’s hard to limit my list to only five best things… So here’s rather a random pick of yesterday’s best things I’m grateful for:

– re-starting my morning exercises program – doing things for my health fills me up with satisfaction and energy every single time
– for the calm happy walk + chocolate cake we took in the evening
– how I felt pretty when I dressed up and changed hair style before going out
– for the unexpected fireworks that, of course, I took as being a gift from the Universe especially for me
– the nice candlelight dinner with red wine, that ended a good day… See the pic (not very good, but relevant 😉 )


2 Responses to “Best things of Tuesday”

  1. Debreczeni Andrea Says:

    It was so romantic to a nice candle light dinner ……

    • theSereneMe Says:

      True… It brings up the feeling that life really is beautiful.
      And it’s so easy to do, although most of the people look at it as something only for special occasions, this way depriving themselves of more good moments…

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